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CAST: Cheyenne Tyler,Heather

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Voluptuous Heather is dressing in her bedroom, unaware that a man (Jay) is peeping through her window. Before she knows what's going on, he's broken in and grabbed her! She struggles heartily but he's too strong and soon she's strictly hogtied and ballgagged on her own bed. This is just the start of her day, unfortunately. An escape attempt leads to even tighter ropes, with Heather being carried around and tied in various rooms of the house. Sensing that he's not breaking down her resistance as quickly as he'd like, Jay decides to take her to a more remote location. He carries his nude and bound victim out the front door and stuffs her into the trunk of his car -- in full view of neighbors and passing traffic! Now in an abandoned factory, Heather is tied even more harshly. Again Jay lifts her bound body, controlling her completely. Three more excruciating scenes -- a strappado with throat ropes, a standing semi-suspension with ass-whipping and a semi-balltie on a stool -- and the once feisty brunette's will has finally been broken! The second half of this program features beautiful Cheyenne Tyler in some very nasty positions. She starts off bound and harness-gagged in the slave box. Taking her out, Jay again lifts his captive off the ground to show her who's in charge. Two different agonizing positions have Cheyenne wobbling on one muscular leg and finally, she's completely off the ground, roped and perched on a free-swinging bar! If you like seeing lovely ladies in dangerous predicaments, being lifted and carried while tightly tied and vulnerable, you'll love this tape! Includes previews on JEV-132.