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CAST: Cassie Sheridan,Jon Woods (aka Leonard Ayresteel)


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

"CASSIE SHERIDAN, CELEBRITY" Cassie Sheridan portrays Cassie Sheridan--in this bondage-laden spoof about what happens when a superstar hosts a program devoted to the many movie bondage scenes she's appeared in. As her on-screen alter ego, Consuela Diamond, she leads us through her various restrained performances in "The Musk (Oxen)," "Head Under Water," "A Life More Ordinary," and of course, "Being Jon Woods." Whether hogtied, rolled up in a carpet, tied to a chair, taped to a pole, or gagged with a ball (instead of a lime), Consuela (we mean Cassie) gives it her best starlet turn. This blonde cutie will win you over, and not just because of her acting! With a cameo by Leonard Ayresteel as Jon Woods. Directed by Oak O'Kork.