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CAST: Chessy Moore,Elise Di Medici (Aka Desi Deangelo)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This video features some of the biggest boobs in the business!
Hugely busty Chessy Moore (44-DDD) is working in a brothel and tries to seduce Elise DiMedici with her mammoth hooters. Elise backs off, though, and this rejection leads to a very sexy catfight! After some tantalizing toe-biting, boob-banging, boob-squeezing, leg-twisting, hair-yanking, powerful leg scissors and spanking, Chessy wins and humiliates Jesse.
Next, the big-boobed Madam of the house gets into a long, sexy boob battle with Chessy. They catfight for supremacy but the Madam wins and commands Chessy to kiss her black high-heeled shoes and lick her high-heel spikes.
Elise now gets into an erotic catfight with another big-busted lesbo hooker for an exciting ending to this super hot catfighting adventure!