Cause for Alarms and Other Tales

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CAST: Abby Cameron,Anna Mills,Artemis Antone,Chanta Rose,Ginger Sands,Rubee Tuesday


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Cause for Alarms and Other Tales" Newcomer Abby Cameron is selling alarm systems door-to-door when she encounters Rubee Tuesday and Ginger Sands, two potential customers who insist Abby demonstrate how effective the system would be when the homeowner is bound and gagged. In "Domestic Problems," Anna Mills and her maid Chanta Rose have enough problems getting along, but things get worse when Anna's ex-boyfriend (Jon Woods) breaks in to reclaim his possessions at the same time a burglar is trying to rob the place.Tabloid reporter Artemis Antone is interrogated by government agent Misty Grayson when her supposedly fictitious article turns out to be "The Real Story."Directed by Jon Woods.