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CAST: Star Chandler,Summer Knight


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"CHANGING TIES"Summer shows up at Star Chandler's door in search of bondage sensuality. So, for sensuality's sake, Summer is crotch roped and bent over and tied just like that, then redressed in leather, fishnet stockings and 7" heel fetish boots and cuffed and ring gagged and made to dance. Reward? A long lingering kiss from her Mistress, ring gag notwithstanding. Now comes a stringent lotus tie, lots of kisses, caresses and body licking. Summer then gets to bind up Star for a nice change of pace for them and us out here. There's an elaborate on-screen mummy-wrap bondage for Summer with super stretchy restrictive med-wrap. Now Summer's totally encased and at the satisfaction of her Love Bondage partner's love and affection. Directed by Star Chandler