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CAST: Anastasia Pierce, Angelica Sin, Liam, Rich Handsome

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

In this exciting new video, cutting edge director Tony Starc presents two tales of what happens to brazen office bitches who piss off the wrong men!
CHAPTER ONE: WORKING LATE...Anastasia may be beautiful but she is one tough gal to work with. She's incredibly rude to her co-workers and loses her temper at the slightest provocation. At the end of one particularly long and tiring day, fellow employee Liam finally decides that he's had enough of her nasty sneers and criticisms. As she's getting ready to leave for the day, he grabs her and shoves a soaked white cloth over her pretty face! Soon the struggling, squealing harpy is on the floor, totally unconscious...and blessedly quiet! Liam has even more plans for his nasty office mate, though, including several super-tight bondages, drool-inducing ballgags and enough rough manhandling to leave her alabaster skin reddened and tender with handprints. Finally, a powerful wand vibrator forced between her upturned asscheeks has the former ultra-bitch moaning like a pussycat in heat. Her orgasm is genuine and intense!
CHAPTER TWO: MISSED FLIGHT...Getting ready to check out of her hotel room, busy executive Angelica is hurriedly trying to confirm her flight information of the phone. When Rich, the hotel's masseur shows up under the assumption that she ordered a massage, she rudely waves him away. Rich takes his job very seriously, though. He figures that Angelica just ordered the massage but then changed her mind about it at the last he returns to her room to confront her about it. Unfortunately for him, this gal is a short-tempered bitch who cusses him out for annoying her. BIG mistake on her part! Before she can do a thing, Rich has a cloth over her face and it's lights-out for the mouthy executive in her fancy suit! As Rich's domination of Angelica moves forward, her emotions progress from fear to indignity, then on to anger, and finally into full-blown arousal. Only a powerful vibrator orgasm will quench her fiery demeanor! (But wait...did she even order that massage in the first place?)