Cloak and Gag'er

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CAST: Alexis Payne,Elise Di Medici (aka Desi Deangelo)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"CLOAK and GAG 'ER" Elise di Medici gives her farewell performance as she reprises her role as Giselle Fox in a spy story with a strong emphasis on snug rope work and gag-talk.In Elise's own words:"Hello...This is Elise di Medici writing to you from beautiful Southern California on a warm January day. I've come out of retirement we won't count the years to do this special video for you. I wanted to cover several positions and I believe we definitely accomplished that. I was surprised how once we got started, it seemed as though time had stood still, and the fire plug years didn't pass, but perhaps just a few days. Although I miss working for Harmony and miss other film work, some things do change. I know you will enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed rekindling old memories by doing this.Much love, Elise di Medici"Produced by Elise di Medici/Directed by Lorelei.