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CAST: Brigitte Dubois,C.J. Sullivan,Catalina L`Amour,Cathryn Beaumont,Cleo Nichole,Devin Demoore,Dorothy Laine,Gloria Reyes,Jewell Marceau,Johnni Black,Justine (aka Nancy Clifton),Lena Ramon,Maya Mclaren,Morgan Phoenix,Summer Knight,Tory Sinclair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Clips from every scene of CUE-20 thru CUE-32
These photos represent only a handful of the many, many bondages you'll see in this, the second preview tape in our Close-Up Extravaganza collection! It's an hour-long parade of clips featuring over TWENTY beautiful bondage models in several different types of bondage!
That's right, you'll see Tory Sinclair, Summer Knight, Morgan Phoenix, Jewell Marceau, Devin DeMoore, Dorothy Laine, Cathryn Beaumont, Lena Ramon, Catalina L'Amour, Gloria Reyes, Cleo Nichole, Maya McLaren, CJ Sullivan, Johnni Black, Brigitte DuBois, Jill Hayworth, Miss Kitty, Sole Michaux, Brooke Waters, Lin Silk, and Justine (formerly known as Nancy Clifton) all posing, struggling, domming and mmphing for your pleasure.
Some are roped, some are spandex-bound, some are spanked and some are tickled! Some are blindfolded and some are mummy-wrapped!
Enjoy this tape simply for the nonstop bondage entertainment...or use it to decide which Close-Up Extravaganza tapes you want to own next!