Co-Ed Lockerroom Sex Fights 4

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CAST: Brittney Skye, Cynthia Pendragon, Dick Delaware, Jay, Mandy, Marco (1), Peter Shaft, Sweet Nicki


RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

SEX FIGHT ONE: BRITTNEY SKYE and PETER SHAFT Brittney...with long blond hair wearing Daisy Duke shorts and flashing a Brazillian twat wax job opens her mouth with "I'm gonna kick your ass." Peter...about the same height as Brittney but muscular wearing black trunks bulging with a sizable boner obviously likes what he sees. After stripping each other naked, Brittney puts some surprise wrestling moves on Peter before sucking his dick to full attention. Huffin', puffin', fucking and clearly into each other Brittney now pants into Peter's ear... " feel so fucking good." He makes her feel real good finally splooging his load all over Brittney's face and tits.SEX FIGHT TWO: MANDY BRIGHT and JAY Euro bitch Mandy wears a tiny stripped bikini as she taunts big muscleman Jay in blue trunks and sporting a very patriotic G.I. haircut. In this video big Jay has one thing on his mind...eating Mandy's muff. Between courses of hot slurpy muff, Mandy puts some surprise moves on big Jay. But with a hundred pound weight advantage big Jay soon gets what he wants. Jay fucks Mandy in multiple positions between mouth-in-muff courses. He fucks and eats. He eats and fucks. And finally shoots his wad all over Mandy's engorged muff.SEX FIGHT THREE: CYNTHIA PENDRAGON and DICK DELAWARE With big hair and big tits, glamour pussy Cynthia Pendragon slinks into the lockerroom wearing a thonged silver one piece tank suit and clear plastic spiked heels. When she see's good looking stud Dick Delaware, she purrs..."Very nice." And Dick's dick likes what it sees too. Stiff Dick shows Miss Pendragon some warm up stretching exercises which leads to some very erotic play wrestling. Then, out of nowhere, Cynthia kicks stiff Dick in the balls. He groans but takes it. Then she kicks stiff Dick in the balls six more times. He groans and takes it. They wrestle some more but when Cynthia kicks Dick in the balls again....she gets roughly mounted and power fucked. Stiff Dick fucks her like a jack-hammer. "Fuck me like your slut!" Cynthia grunts. Dick does. And does it until he can't hold it another thrust. Cynthia ends up a very happy glamor slut.SEX FIGHT FOUR: SWEET NICKI and MARCO Get set to slip and slide. This is an oil match. With a youngish blond pony tail...very cute high school cheerleader type Sweet Nicki gets it on with what could be her high school jock boyfriend Marco. These two are so youthfully attractive you could almost visualize them going to their prom...then fucking in oil when they got home. Their pre-fuck sex play is prolonged and innocently sexy...but Marco is definitely into eating Sweet Nicki's nookie before he fucks it. High school hero Marco fucks his sweet nookie Nicki way past their curfew and finally cums all over her tits.