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CAST: Abby Cameron,Alissa Anderson,Amber Michaels,Ander Page,Carolyn Monroe,Elexis Monroe,Elise Di Medici (aka Desi Deangelo)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"CODE NAME: AIDA and OTHER TALES" An android spy (Ander Page) falls into the hands of the enemy and a beautiful scientist (Carolyn Monroe) attempts to reprogram it by accessing its secret weakness: a love of bondage!It's definitely not her day when newcomer Elexis Monroe escapes after being held for ransom, only to cross paths with both a sexy cat burglar (Amber Michaels) and an escaped convict.Abby Cameron is assigned to keep "The Black Bird" from rival sorority member Josie Perez, and inept detective Alissa Anderson finds missing princess Elise di Medici, but will she be able to actually rescue her?Directed by Jon Woods.