Completely Helpless

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CAST: Andrea Neal,Kay Johnson,Minorka,Natasha


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Full-figured, fine featured, girl-next-door type Andrea Neal is dressed in sexy 50s style lingerie and buckled up tight in leather straps and a snug fitting single-glove. For her rope bondage scene, she is dressed in a super long-line girdle and attached to a strategically placed bar! Lithe, tanned, blonde pixie Kay Johnson is tied tightly to the bed while dressed in a naughty PVC teddy. Then she's clad only in panties and rigorously strapped in leather (even her bare feet are leather bound together!) -- complete with leather gag and blindfold! Asian beauty Minorka's ropy hogtie scene is sensuously experienced on a soft fur rug. Finally, sultry brunette Natasha is straitjacketed -- her long, sexy, stocking clad legs held tight by leather straps. Natasha also does a strict rope bondage scene dressed in a PVC mini-dress, and an exciting hogtie on a desk as she portrays a uniformed official in distress! FOUR ladies, tightly bound, strictly gagged and enticingly dressed in EIGHT scenes... What a value!Produced and directed by Dominic Wolfe.