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CAST: Dorothy Laine, Jaysson Crane, Lilith Gadrielle, Tim Woodman, Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Tony Starc continues to impress as he takes his newest production in yet another exciting direction! Like all TSE videos, "Compromised" features two stories of extremely sexual bondage interaction between men and women. What's new here is that these two stories feature innocent women taken prisoner AGAINST THEIR WILL. They are CHLOROFORMED and their clothes are stripped off. They are tied, tormented, manhandled and forced to ORGASM, despite their blushing embarrassment. We're absolutely sure you'll enjoy Tony's newest endeavor!
CHAPTER ONE: DOROTHY'S DEGRADATION...We open on a young man casually strolling through a residential neighborhood. As he approaches a certain house though, we see him cover his face with a mask and soak a cloth with liquid from a brown bottle. Now we see his prey, a pretty woman in skirt and heels. Before she knows what's happening, he has the cloth over her face and she's passing out! Carrying his now unconscious toy into the house, the masked man begins an afternoon of bondage and suffering that will leave this sweet lady at his complete mercy. A genuine forced ORGASM is the humiliating climax of her ordeal.
CHAPTER TWO: LILITH'S VIOLATION...We find ourselves in a car with two men with a video camera, discussing their plans for the afternoon. We are unsure of what they have in mind until they stop at the driveway of a pretty young woman placing items in her car. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't see them sneaking up to grab her until it's too late. She is frightened but she tries to maintain her composure as they drag her into her own house. Once inside, they shove a cloth over her unsuspecting face and render her unconscious! Now free to remove her clothing, the men take great pleasure in tying and tormenting their beautiful new pet all afternoon long. She endures their humiliating, lustful torment but is unable to resist as together they force a real ORGASM out of her ravished body.