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CAST: Jaysson Crane, Olivia Saint, Taylor St. Claire

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It’s more original Tony got some very positive feedback on his original "Compromised" video so he's decided to do it again!
Taylor St. Claire and Olivia Saint are both gorgeous, curvy brunettes who completely understand the mindset of “D-I-D." As if that weren't enough, they're also both curvaceous, lusty, real-life bondage players in the Los Angeles fetish scene! In each Chapter, the ladies’ lush curves start off modestly covered in skirts, blouses and high heels...but the clothes come off as the situations heat up. Each lady is convincingly "chloroformed" several times and each is forced to genuinely ORGASM while in bondage. You’ve simply got to see this video to believe it!
CHAPTER ONE: THE INTERVIEW...Soft spoken Olivia is here for a job interview. In her demure blouse and skirt, she seems every bit the shy secretary. When her interviewer suddenly thrusts a white cloth over her face she is panic stricken! She struggles futilely, but the fumes from the cloth soon get to her and she is overcome. When she awakens, she finds herself tied to the chair, unable to move at all! This interviewer wasn't looking for a secretary, he wanted a bondage toy and sweet Olivia will do nicely! As the day progresses, the poor, frightened young lady endures one humiliating position after another, losing bits of her clothing along the way. Her captor paws at her vulnerable flesh, taking his pleasure in rubbing his body against hers. He squeezes her plump asscheeks and exposes her most private areas. By the time she is stripped down to just her high heeled pumps, she has lost almost all of her feminine composure. The interviewer’s "Maginc Wand" vibrator soon has her moaning uncontrollably in waves of orgasmic pleasure. Looks like she’s perfect for the job!
CHAPTER TWO: THE ABDUCTION...We met these two bad guys in the original “Compromised.” They drive around town until they find the perfect victim, then spend the day using her as their personal plaything. This time, as we sit with them in the car, we are shocked to find that they already have their prey picked out...and she’s lying unconscious, bound and blindfolded in the backseat! Bringing their buxom victim (the stunningly gorgeous Taylor) into the house, they enjoy her unconsciousness a bit longer until she finally rouses. When she realizes her situation, she’s appropriately shocked and scared! The men clearly enjoy her fear as they strip off her modest business suit and squeeze her huge, all-natural tits. But Taylor’s day has only begun! Knocking her out with more "chloroform," they flip her over and tie her in a face-down spreadeagle. She’s completely helpless as they whip her exposed ass and rub themselves against her face and between her legs. With Taylor bound sitting up, her captors can take full advantage of her body. They crop her poor bare tits and force her to use her hands on them. More "chloroform" and Taylor now finds herself tied in a face-up spreadeagle. The cruel men force themselves between her legs and knead her arroused flesh before finally using the Magic Wand vibe to wring a very genuine CLIMAX out of her exhausted body!