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CAST: Dick Smothers Jr., Gareth Keenen, Goldie (aka Goldie Blair), Julie Simone, Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

It's not about domination. It's not about submission. It's about a man making his woman helpless and enjoying her nude body. In the follow-up to his wildly popular premier video, director Tony Starc examines two relationships that blossomed out of each couples' exploration of bondage, vulnerability and sexuality.
CHAPTER ONE: GOLDIE & GARETH...Goldie's natural shyness makes it difficult for her to answer the interviewer's questions. She has never really talked about her relationship with Gareth to anyone so she has trouble finding the words to express her feelings. Gareth was her first "older man" and he was the first to introduce her to bondage. She tries to describe to us the way the tight ropes and his big, rough hands made her feel. We hear how they always played their games in places where she might be too embarrassed to cry out, should the stimulation become too much for her. She eventually finds herself lost in memories of what they shared...
CHAPTER TWO: DICK & JULIE...As the son of a celebrity, and a rock musician in his own right, Dick is used to being pursued by beautiful women. Julie was different. He tells his interviewer that he wanted to tie her up from the moment he saw her -- that her wholesome good looks practically cried out for tight white ropes and fat ballgags. Their bondage interludes were passionate and fiery. At her request, he even brought in a male friend to enjoy Julie's naked helplessness. But as their relationship evolved, Dick found their original boundaries blurring. In her submission to him, was Julie taking on the more dominant role? How does a couple deal with the intense emotions bondage can stir up?
Please note! Dick Smothers Jr. is indeed the real life son of well-loved comedian Dick Smothers of The Smothers Brothers. He is also a true fan of bondage and discipline and was very excited to appear in this video!
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