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CAST: Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Poor Stacy has fallen into the clutches of a real creep! (Or has she?)
In this, the first in our newest video line from Sterne-Masterson, we open on the petite blonde unconscious on the floor. She soon awakens and is quite upset to find herself tied up! That's the least of her troubles, though, as her mysterious captor enters and stifles her pleas for release with a big wad of cloth and med-wrap.
As she cries and begs for mercy, Stacy is hogtied on camera, then she's plug-gagged and bound over a chair. With her knees spread and her rump high in the air, she's completely vulnerable to the whims of her ravisher!
Next she's sitting on the floor against a post. A metal gag inserted on camera causes her to drool all over herself, and we get extreme close-ups of her crotchrope being tied.
With a penis-shaped pump gag filling her mouth, Stacy can't escape her captor's roving hands, or the clamps he puts on her nipples.
As she's roped into a ball-tie on camera, Stacy squirms as we find out just how she got herself into this predicament!