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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Jessica Eden,Randi Rage,Sara St. James,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Tory Sinclair is first, in a tight black vinyl dress with her elbows bound together in back and a collar around her neck. Jay pushes a black ballgag into her mouth, then wraps her in a combination chest/crotch rope. Still under the frame, there's now a thick bar between her thighs. Jay adds nipple clamps, which he tethers to the frame.
Sara St. James is completely nude in the shower, sporting a black leather single-sleeve and thick black cuffs around her ankles. Jay forces a VERY large white cloth into her mouth, then seals that in with white med-wrap. Now in a big, empty whirlpool bath, Sara's semi-balled body is webbed in rope and her wrists are hammered in back. Jay wraps white med-wrap over her red ballgag then places her over on her side, causing her to protest rather loudly!
Bambi Newberry is next, in a black vinyl waist cincher and high heels. A big leather gag covers her mouth. One knee is pulled right up to her chest and her elbows and wrists are together in back. Jay runs a rope from her bound elbows to her free ankle, arching her backwards. Next Bambie is wrapped incredibly tightly in strips of black rubber.
Randi Rage starts off nude, her ankles bound to her thighs and her wrists overhead. The big black ballgag causes her to drool as Jay pinches and clamps her nipples. Now wearing only black high heels and a white ballgag, Randi is roped head to toe. Jay turns her already strict position into a tight hogtie. Finally, Randi's flat on her back with her wrists over her head and her ankles, held apart by a spreader bar, suspended. She groans as hot wax drips onto her tits, belly, crotch and thighs.
Buxom Jessica Eden is tied to a wooden chair on a swiveling platform. Her white ballgag matches the white high heels she wears with her blue lingerie. Jay manhandles her tits and clamps her nipples, all the while turning the chair around for better access. Now nude and rope-harnessed from head to toe, Jessica drools around her red ballgag. Jay strokes her body and places three strips of white tape over her gag. Finally adding one last rope, he turns her bondage into a potent hogtie.