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CAST: Adajja

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Pretty blonde XXX star Adajja (pronounced "uh-day-zhuh") makes her Close-Up debut in this new video from Sterne-Masterson!We find her tied up in a living room, standing against a post. Her wrists are actually bound to her panties in such a way that if she struggles too much she'll expose herself -- and we get the idea this is something she does NOT want to do. Next we wind the curvy beauty straddling a chair with her panties pulled down in pack. She manages to get them up, but her faceless kidnapper soon yanks them back down again. In the next scene, Adajja's cruel captor snips her panties off completely, and as she begs him to let her go, he stuffs them into her mouth! Webbed in rope, poor Adajja is forced to straddle a rough wooden board. For another tie on the floor, she is silenced by an extremely sexy gag with a clear panel in front that allows you to see her lips encircling a penis-shaped plug! Adajja's abductor can't keep her company all the time, though, so to keep her bound body busy while he's gone, he places vibrating clamps on her nipples and leaves her there! At video's end we get a cute little greeting from this brand new bondagette!