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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Carolyn

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The Department of Corrections has decided that having private contractors like Jay Edwards handle the rehabilitation of non-violent criminals is far less expensive than building new prisons. Bambi is carried in, bound and slung over Jay's shoulder. She's bewildered and indignant, but she has no choice in the matter. He leaves her in a strict hogtie until she's lost a little of that bad attitude. What has she gotten herself into? Later, when "Prisoner 90210" is dressed in her uniform of minimal red lingerie and high heels, she spends time in a strict strappado position with her ballgag locked to a post in front of her face. Jailer Jay make a lasting impression? with a leather crop on her ass! Harder and harder, each blow cracks across her tender skin, until she's shouting around her gag! Big weighted nipple clamps only add to the torment. In black vinyl lingerie and heels, the prisoner is bound facing a post. Her arms are hammered high across her back, and a big ballgag fills her mouth. Jay squeezes her tits around the clamps on her nipples, changes her gag to one of white cloth and several strips of red tape, then whacks her ass pink! Flash forward a couple of days. The prisoner is showing definite attitude improvement. Jay approves of her progress, but not of the way she is sexily humping her crotchrope. Next Prisoner 90210 wears only black sheer pantyhose and high heels. Stiff black cord chokes each pert breast. Onscreen Jay changes her simple post-tie into a torturous one-leg-suspended ordeal with a crotchrope that threatens to split her in two! In black lingerie and tight breast bondage, the prisoner is on her knees with big clamps on her nipples. Jay places her before a rubber phallus, upon which she uses her mouth to show her obedience. The now docile prisoner is laced into a single-sleeve, then her knees and ankles are bound, and a harness-style ballgag is buckled into place, all on camera! This tape concludes with three scenes of curvy blonde Carolyn. Stool-bound in black lingerie, her elbows are together in back and a blue ballgag fills her mouth. Jay clamps her pert nipples and squeezes her breasts. Next, her already secure bondage is made even more restrictive as Jay hogties her on camera. Finally, she's bound sitting cross-legged, mouthing a white ballgag. Jay palms her rosy tits and clamps her nipples. This video includes a preview of JEV-86.