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CAST: Cleo Nichole,Darla Crane,Sabrina Stone,Sadie Belle,Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

Any gal can attend Darla Crane's crazy college but it takes a certain kind of woman to catch the eye of this haughty headmistress!
Surly Stacy, sexy Sadie, and sweetie Sabrina wonder why they've been asked to stay after school. Ms. Crane tells them that she sees a special something in each of them that sets them apart from the rest of the student body. She wants to help them explore this inner quality so she asks each girl to stand before the class and make up a story about a woman who gets tied up. The pupils are dumbfounded, of course, but gamely forge ahead.
As each gal begins her tale, we get to see the action played out by bondage bombshell Cleo Nichole.
This is a class, after all, so at the end of each story, Darla instructs the girls on how they could have made it better. And how does she accomplish this? By tying them up, gagging them, and having their classmates come up to tease and torment them, of course! (Like we said, this college is nuts.)
Eventually, all three women are stripped of their clothing and bound together on the teacher's desk. White-hot sexiness aside, how do these individual student bodies actually feel about Professor Darla's kooky curriculum?
Will they turn the tables on their mischievous mentor?
Are they wicked enough to tie teacher up and leave her stripped to the waist on a locker room bench for the janitor to find?
Well, they are Darla's star pupils, after all...
After the story we are treated to two more sexy scenes of busty Cleo, clad in nothing more than thighboots, gloves, ropes and gags!