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CAST: Brigitte Dubois,Darla Crane,Justine (aka Nancy Clifton),Talia Monet

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Two stories of neighbors-gone-nutty make this a very fun video!
In Story One, Justine (formerly known as Simone Devon's model Nancy Clifton) is tormented by her neighbor Talia. Talia is pissed because Justine's doggie is tearing up her yard. Justine plays innocent but Talia has been pushed too far. She binds and torment poor Justine again and again, but uh-oh...looks like Talia's fragile psyche can't take the stress. She starting to fall for Justine, and thinks the petite brunette has feelings for her as well! Talia is all over Justine, cuddling and petting her, but never fear. Justine manages to turn the tables on her captor and soon it's Talia's turn to pay.
In Story Two, French beauty Brigitte DuBois is grabbed and bound by HER wacky neighbor, Darla Crane. Darla thinks Brigitte has been spreading rumors in the neighborhood that might cast a bit of doubt on Darla's sanity. Brigitte pleads innocence, but Darla ties and torments her anyway, demanding a confession. Brigitte refuses to cave in...until Darla binds her with a buzzing vibrator between her legs! Soon Brigitte is singing a different tune, but it's just a ploy to help her escape and turn the tables on Darla. The crazed redhead winds up in a leather strap hog-variation on her own living room floor!