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CAST: Anna Amore,Brittany Andrews,Randi Storm,Vanessa,Whitney Prescott

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay's best-breast models are featured in 75 thrilling minutes of strict B&D, sure to please connoisseurs of curvaceous captives!
Vanessa returns for another dose of discipline: elbows roped tightly behind (thrusting her chest forward nicely), her mournful eyes are captured by the camera as she submits to onscreen tying of her bountiful bosom. Jay adds a ballgag before fondling the tautly tied treasure chest. Vanessa's toe-bound on the slave pallet for another onscreen breast-bondage, then the ropes are tightened and she's plug-gagged.
Randi Storm starts with classic tourniquet breast bondage, which suits her natural bust well--that lovely rounded look is achieved in all its glory. Clamps and dangling nipple weights are added to Randi's troubles before she takes on a buckle panel ballgag. Next her breasts are decorated D&Q-style (drawn & quartered) before Jay tests Randi's limits with triple mouth-packing and tight medi-wrap. After she makes it through that, Jay rolls her to the ground and pulls her into an elbow hogtie as her breasts slowly turn color.
Anna Amore is one of the best exotic submissives we've ever seen. Her perfect breast bondage features pinch-ropes; her nubby nipples poke out preciously between biting cords. As she breathes, her fleshy breasts bulge and strain against the taut ropes. Jay plays the stinger whip on his bound beauty to elicit a gagged, vocal, sexual aria. The scene climaxes with an intensification of position. Next, Anna's exposed thighs are tormented with progressive whipping--the previous scene's ropemarks are still visible on her breasts. When Jay starts flogging Anna's crotch we see the effect of this semi-sexual pounding and our voluptuous captive starts getting very excited... at which point Jay employs deprivation as punishment. Anna's session will set your seat on fire!
Brittany Andrews models tourniquet breast bondage, luxuriously filmed from a low angle to show off her huge globes and fully gagged lips. Jay adds nipple clamps, then the fat-weave crotchrope is leashed to a hanging weight for even more toying. Next Brittany is rolled in on a bondage horse, her entire body weight supported on her soft blonde-furred pussy. Her breasts haven't been untied from the previous scene! Poor Brittany suffers the humiliation of ballgag drool during tit-handling and fondling.
BONUS! A mini-scene displays pretty little Whitney Prescott reclining and writhing sensually, wearing rope decor and butterfly clamps.
Includes previews of JEV-67.