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CAST: Lana Lotts,Roxetta,Sydney James

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Three gorgeous busty babes: tightly tied, fully gagged, completely manhandled. First up is sultry, perfect-bodied Sydney teetering precariously on a rotating platform in spiked heels. One arm is suspended from the ceiling while the other is stretched painfully down to her feet. Gagged and helpless, she’s fondled, teased and worked over as she desperately tries to keep her balance. She’s then tied in an ankles-to-thighs kneepoint on a barstool with her hands suspended above her. She whimpers into her gag as she desperately tries to remain on the stool. Her efforts are rewarded with a not-so-welcome application of nipple clamps. Finally, extremely tight ropes encircle her body as she struggles on the floor and this soon becomes a very vulnerable position when one shapely leg is tied straight up towards the ceiling.
Eager-to-please, ultra-submissive Roxetta has her elbows bound together onscreen in each of her three scenes. She struggles to cope with increasingly large ball gags jammed into her hot and hungry mouth. Ultimately, she strains to service a 10" dildo while still helplessly bound.
Luscious Lana is really put to the test and her three scenes also feature onscreen elbows-together binding! She must contend with heavy tit clamps, her massive breasts crushed with the wooden press and a variety of huge gags. She struggles through various bondage positions and, as one of Jay’s favorites, is mercilessly tormented throughout. At one point, she’s roped down to the slave chair, legs spread wide with a vibrator secured to her hairless pussy. She clearly enjoys every minute of her captivity as she humps and moans her way to ecstasy. A solid hour and a half of breast bondage and discipline!