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CAST: Autumn Woods,Kylie,Sabrina Mills,Sydnie

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

For his 150th Close-Up production Jay delivers another bevy of busty, bound beauties for us to enjoy!
We open with three scenes of Kylie, a brand new model in Jay's stable. Kylie is tanned and trim with a knockout bustline...and as Jay carries her in over his shoulder, we get the idea this plucky blonde is in for one heck of a ride! First, Jay turns her bondage into a hogtie (on camera), then she's bound kneeling on a tall stool. We can tell that the nipple clamps Jay applies HURT because Kylie squeals like crazy. Her final tie is a standing position that leaves her poor tits quite vulnerable to the stinger whip.
Next up, we get two scenes of now-retired model Autumn Woods. Autumn is a real trouper and endures some of Jay's most cruel treatment. Tied incredibly tightly on the floor and clad only in nipple clamps, black stockings and high heels, Autumn struggles so hard that her shoes come off! Next, she gets a strappado. Of course, Jay soon enters and adds a couple of ropes to make the whole thing a lot tougher. He also whips her exposed ass until it is rosy red!
Fan-favorite Sabrina Mills is up next for two totally nude and barefoot scenes. Frogtied on the floor, Sabrina endures some nasty little clamps (covered with duct tape) on her nipples. Next, she's kneeling against a short post in what can only be described as an "upright hogtie." It's just the perfect position to allow Jay to clamps her nipples and change her dowel-style ballgag to a head-harnessing panel gag!
Finally, we get two yummy scenes of another new model in the Edwards lineup, Sydnie! This chestnut-tressed beauty is dressed in the frilliest of white lingerie for her camera time. First, she's tied standing so that Jay can apply knee and crotch ropes, on camera. He also doles out some serious punishment to her big boobs, clips some wicked clamps on her nipples and puts duct tape over her ballgag! Sydnie's final position is a nifty lotus tie with a thick panel gag in, and over, her mouth. Delicious!
Also includes an extensive preview of JEV-151!