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CAST: Catalina L`Amour,Dorian L`Amour,Eric Holman,Jewell Marceau,Lorelei (aka Kristine Imboch)

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

A mysterious box of antique film reels is at the center of this dramatic story by bondage icon Lorelei, the lovely lady formerly known as "Kristine Imboch."
The reels start out in the hands of beautiful Catalina L'Amour...but soon anyone and everyone is looking for them! Jewell Marceau tries first, and Catalina ends up bound and gagged. When she's unable to find the reels, however, she enlists treacherous Dorian L'Amour to help. Bad move! Double-crosser Dorian soon abandons Jewell in a terrifying cliff-hanger scenario: she's bound to a chair with a vibrator pressed to her puss and dynamite wired to her thighs. Succumbing to orgasm may actually set off the bomb beneath her chair!
Catalina eventually escapes from her hogtie and returns home -- only to be grabbed, stripped, tied and gagged (onscreen) by the dastardly Dorian. He shuts her in a closet and makes off with the reels!
Why are these reels so precious, anyway? Mostly due to a couple of jaw-dropping silent-movie scenes. In one, poor Miss Lorelei is bound and gagged and laid down on a set of railroad tracks (!) by the villainously caped Lord Steel (Leonard Ayresteel, aka Jon Woods). In another, Lorelei is menaced by a savage gorilla-man (Eric Holman).
Catalina mustn't let the reels slip away! She kicks her way out of the closet and struggles to nearby scissors. Soon she's off to confront Dorian at his hideout near the railroad tracks!
Wait...the railroad tracks? something tells us this poor damsel is going to have a real problem, really soon! Whatever will become of her?