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CAST: C.J. Sullivan, Joy Marks, Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Story One features cute little blonde CJ as a young lady going door-to-door, collecting donations for a college program. She makes a big mistake knocking on Joy Marks' door, though; Joy is batty and thinks all young girls are out to get her! She lures CJ inside with the promise of a soda, then jumps her and ties her up! Poor CJ is bound again and again by wicked Joy, piece by piece losing her outfit of plaid skirt and white blouse. But don't count CJ out yet. Soon she turns the tables on Joy and gets her revenge!
Story Two is shot entirely from the cameraman's point of view and it will knock your socks off! Blonde bombshell Stacy Burke is going door-to-door, trying to put together a neighborhood watch program because lately several girls on her block have mysteriously disappeared. Unfortunately for her, she's knocked on the wrong door. Once inside the house, she's grabbed, hand-gagged and tied up! Male hands fondle and pet her vulnerable body as she pleads directly into the camera (and YOUR eyes) for release. It's like YOU are the abductor! With each bondage she loses a bit more of her clothing, until she's totally nude and barefoot. Poor Stacy...escape is out of the question!