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CAST: Darby Daniels

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We open on a familiar scene: pretty Darby is wearing a black dress, stockings and heels, ballgagged and leashed to the ceiling with her wrists cross-tied in back. Her long red hair is ponytailed so when masked badguy Skip Sterne enters, he makes sure to tug and pull on it as he’s lifting up her skirt and exposing her panties. We soon find Darby tied to a chair in cute lingerie. Skip plays with her tits, despite her complaints. Darby is helpless as Skip slowly takes off her top, then her black high heels and stockings and finally, her panties. She is left nude and barefoot for the rest of the video! An extremely harsh backbender over a tall stool is next. Good thing Darby has that vibrator on her pussy to distract her! Now the lithe redhead is spreadeagled on a wooden platform so that Skip can freely rub his body against hers. A frog-style position done with leather straps is next and Darby also gets a fat slave collar and nipple clamps. Darby gets bored when she’s chained and cuffed all alone so Skip hands her a vibrator to pleasure herself! The next scene is short but amazing: Darby is in the tightest hogtie variation you can imagine! Her hair is tied backward and her toes are tied forward...youch! A seated strappado variation is next, with more hair bondage and nipple clamps then Darby enjoys lots of petting before Skip bends her over into a standing strappado. Sexy Darby wishes she could get this kind of attention every day!