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CAST: Calli Cox,Darla Crane,Jodi Baldwin,Kat Le


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Busty bondage-megastar Darla is roughly grabbed, strictly bound and thickly gagged several times, and it's ALL ON CAMERA!
So what's the story here? It's all part of "Silent Man's" insane, nefarious scheme and there is no hope of escape for our bodacious heroine.
Darla is set upon by a hooded villain as she lays sleeping in her bed. Despite her valiant struggles, he manages to bind her from wrists to toes (literally).
She is later grabbed as she works at her desk and is tied in classic secretarial fashion. (She does manage to make an escape attempt, only to be chased down an alley, grabbed and dragged back to the villain's clutches.)
She's even fully BALL-TIED while barefoot, wearing only a tiny thong...again ALL onscreen!
Remember: on camera tying with intense struggling makes for some ultra-tight ropes and gags, along with messy hair and smudged makeup! How much can Darla take?
Directed by Jon Woods!