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CAST: Cleo Nichole, Darla Crane, Lena Ramon

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

In this new installment of the popular "Darla's Darlings series Darla calls in two of her best "damsels," Lena Ramon and Cleo Nichole. Both really know how to play up the distress factor, mmphing, pleading with their eyes and struggling for release! Lena starts things off with a bang as Darla immediately shoves a white chloroform cloth over her face, rendering her unconscious! When she awakens, the lithe brunette is roped and detective-gagged on the floor. Her squirms and struggles cause Darla to peel away her blouse and panties and apply a biting crotchrope! Next, Lena writhes prettily in leather bondage with straps and a single-sleeve. Her ballgag matches her pretty lingerie and fishnet stockings...but Darla seems to think her outfit needs something more. How about a big pair of nipple clamps? Now Lena wears only a black lace strapless bra and six-inch heels for crossed-ankle hogtie involving only one long length of bright blue rope. Darla's riding crop soon has Lena's ass rosy pink! Lena is nude except for her high heels for a yellow rope frogtie on the floor. It's a strict tie, but one more bit of rope won't hurt! Finally, Lena's flat on her back with her legs tied wide open and her hands behind her head. Darla clamps little silver bells on her nipples and brings out a vibrator to force captive Lena to ORGASM!
Curvy Cleo Nichole is our next damsel in distress. We watch as she sits reading. But wait...someone is slipping something into her drink! Slowly but surely Cleo is overcome and passes out on the sofa...awakening bound and ballgagged in her cute sweater/skirt ensemble! Next, the busty blonde is hogtied and cleave-gagged with lush silk scarves, wearing only lacy black lingerie and heels. A leather strap frogtie on the floor is made all the more intolerable for Cleo by the application of a leather slapper on her plush butt! Standing in green-rope bondage, Cleo is nude with high heels. She winces in pain as Darla tightens tweezer-clamps on her pert nips. Finally, Cleo is nude and spread-legged on the sofa in white-rope bondage. Despite her struggles and moans, a vibrator on her vulnerable pussy soon forces her to shudder in CLIMAX! Just like the first DARLA'S DARLINGS video you get ongoing voiceover commentary from Darla describing why Lena and Cleo are two of her favorites to work with...plus you'll see fat previews of four other videos featuring these two outstanding models!