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CAST: Darla Crane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"DARLA'S DREAMWEAR!"What would you give to see Darla Crane as a tied and gagged equestrienne? As a bathing-capped and sneakered bondagette? As a ballgagged and bound-in-leather femme fatale? Darla portrays these fetishistic roles and four others with unending precision and unfailing allure1 In addition to her leather, rubber, and equestrian themes, Darla's bound up in PVC, rigorously corseted and restrained, tied up and gagged in both bare feet and stockinged feet, and suspended as a French maid1 Ball-gags, ring-gags, and boots abound along with costume variety in over 20 scenes, while for a touch of the truly bizarre, Darla's lovely face is hidden by a gas-rnask during one vignette. Darla and director John Lidds have placed their gallery of fetish- istic bondages in a marvelous new setting: polished wooden floors, high ceilings, and pillars intensify her performance as a bondage heroine. They've also paced this video so that each scene unfolds a bit more leisurely than before so each fulfillment of fetishistic fantasy can be savored that much longer