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CAST: Aiden Starr (Aka Lolita), Alsana Sin, Christa Faust, Eva Lux, Kelly Steele, Olivia Love

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

In the mid-1990s Darla Crane produced a video for Harmony Concepts called DARLA'S DREAMWEAR. That groundbreaking video featured Darla herself, bound several different ways in a variety of incredible fetish attire. Close-Up is now thrilled to present the long-awaited follow up to that immensely popular production!
Darla has gathered together a pleasing collection of scenes featuring some of her favorite models, bound tightly in their own sexy fetishwear! Each of these ladies is a real-life fetishist and each knows exactly how to convey the particular moods that certain items of clothing evoke. Here's a list of what you'll see in this exceptional video:
1. Petite beauties Aiden Starr and Christa Faust are both dressed to the nines in high-shine clothing and six-inch stiletto heels. Christa ropes Aiden entirely on camera, then exposes her plump breasts and playfully torments her with a riding crop!
2. Curvaceous Olivia Saint and lithe Natalie Portman lookalike Eva Lux are steel-cuff-hogtied on a bed, wearing nothing but shiny boots. (They're obviously quite enchanted with each other!)
3. Long-legged fetish fave Alsana Sin struggles fruitlessly as a kidnapped nurse. Her tight fold-tie is sexily accented by her soft, wiggly bare feet!
4. Olivia and Eva wriggle atop tall stools, clad in everyone's favorite sex attire, lacy lingerie with high heels, stockings and silky gloves!
5. Aiden and Christa play out a Dom/sub fantasy while tightly laced into strict, waist-crushing corsets!
6. Olivia and Eva pump up the drama as two abducted secretaries. Their silky blouses, prim skirts, hosiery and heels are made even hotter by crossed-wrist hogties!
7. Flame-tressed brick house Kelly Steele glows with furious indignation as a humiliated superheroine in glittery gold spandex and boots!
8. Christa's nude body is tightly entwined in cruel latex strips so that wicked rubbermistress Aiden can whap her with a stinger crop!
9. Olivia and Eva bring to mind a classic Klaw tableau as they pout and squirm in vintage girdles and shiny, full-fashioned stockings!
10. Sexy schoolgirl time! Christa plays the stern headmistress to Aiden's naughty coed. When the headmistress catches her student doing dirty things in the ladies' lavatory, hot stuff ensues. A buzzing wand vibrator is used to quench Aiden's inappropriate undergrad urges!
Don't miss out on this must-have video...and don't forget to pick up the original DARLA'S DREAMWEAR - order #PN-6
A Personal Note from Darla: On September 20, 2005, Eva Lux passed away. This production was my first, and as it turned out, last opportunity to shoot with her. As you will see in this video, she was a great model and the fetish community is greatly lessened by her absence.