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CAST: Christina,Lana Lotts

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Secretary Lana is innocently waiting for the elevator when sly officemate Jay jumps out and grabs her! He shoves a white cloth over her gasping mouth and it's lights-out for this busty pencil pusher.
Carrying his new acquisition back home, Jay tosses Lana's limp body onto the bed, removes her silky white blouse and gets out the rope. Lana is bound head-to-toe (on camera) before she begins to rouse, but cautious Jay shrewdly forces a ballgag into her mouth in case she should somehow manage to cry out.
When next we find our buxom heroine, she's been stripped down to just her garterbelt, stockings and high heels. Plucky Lana disregards the white ropes tightly restraining her and wobbles up onto her feet to hop for freedom. With those huge knockers bobbing wildly, she actually makes it halfway down the hall before her crafty captor notices her escape attempt and totes her back to her bedroom prison.
On and on Lana's trials go, with each tie a bit more taxing than the last. Every position she endures includes elbows-together roping, super-strict breast bondage and jaw-straining ballgags. Her jumbo mams are whipped, clamped, squeezed and strangled. Her ballgags are changed onscreen. She's even blindfolded. By the end of the day, poor Lana is exhausted and broken, with no hope of rescue anywhere in sight! (Not exactly a great day at the office!)
Rounding out the program are three scorching scenes of yet another beautiful new addition to the Edwards stable! Exotic and feisty, Christina appears a bit caught off guard by Master Edwards uniquely intense blend of binding and discipline...but then, that's just too bad for her, isn't it?
(As always, this program includes a full preview of JEV-176!)