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CAST: Chloe Dietrich,C.J. Michaels,Darla Crane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When sweet, innocent, naturally buxom (and we mean REALLY buxom) CJ Michaels' boyfriend shows her a video from his bondage collection she decides that she really wants to try modeling in ropes! She's a bit shy because she doesn't have a typical model's physique, but what she does have is a beautiful face, incredible long hair, lots of muscle tone and a HUGE set of all-natural breasts!
Her natural enthusiasm is so charming that Darla decides on the spot to book her for a movie.
CJ jumps at the chance to work with her new idol and, along with long-legged bondagette Chloe Dietrich, they spend the day shooting a batch of sexy bondage scenes!
The last two scenes are the video's best: Darla, Chloe and CJ are all variously mummy-wrapped in colorful plastic cling-film, then they're bent over the back of the sofa, side-by-side and wearing only the teensy-tinyest g-strings imaginable! Yep, both their beautiful butts and their soft, wrinkly bare soles are on full display!
(This is CJ's one and only bondage video appearance. She's an all-natural girl with lush, zaftig curves. If you like your women plush, strong and cuddly, her ample assets will leave you drooling!)