Delightfully Darla

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CAST: Darla Crane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

”DELIGHTFULLY DARLA!”No wigs or historical costumes in PN-5 – just delightful Darla Crane in all her natural red-haired allure! Darla’s adorned in sexy fetishwear and colorful lingerie (black corset, platform heels, high- heeled lace-up boots among the former; blazing red teddy and hose, turquoise bra and garter belt among the latter) for 24 fast-paced scenes energized by her charismatic struggling. Darla and bondager John Liddel are on target with numerous elbows-together positions and, of course, plenty of topless bondage. Rope’s the restraint throughout, except for a three-scene leather-cuff series; more often than in her earlier videos, Darla wears heels, but also shows off her feet in stockings, black socks (while dad in a skin-tight blue spandex aerobic outfit and entirely bare. If you haven’t made Darla’s acquaintance yet, PN-5 is a great place to start.