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CAST: Alexis Payne,Star Chandler,Summer Knight


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The "Consensual Erotica" series continues with another look at an unusual love triangle. Summer Knight, Star Chandler and Alexis Payne star in a tale about love, betrayal and passion. Star and Alexis are old friends who begin to rekindle a long dead romance. In a health club, Alexis ties Star to a climbing machine. Unfortunately for Star, Alexis meets Summer and rekindles their short-lived love affair. Star warns Summer to stay away, but Alexis and Summer keep drawing closer.Included are some luscious bondage scenes with lots of caresses and surprises. In one scene, Star wraps Summer's mouth with an ace bandage. In another, she gags Summer with her panties and ties her with leather belts. Alexis catches Star torturing Summer, and she sends Star away. Finally, Star shows up with Summer's boyfriend at a party. Alexis and Summer strap Star to the bed and leave her for the boyfriend to "decide what to do with her." Alexis and Summer are together, at last and forever.Adult Video News Magazine had this to say about DESIRE & SUBMISSION, PART 2: "This is a very erotic and interesting video. It's refreshing to see a gentler side to bondage; even the torture scenes don't step beyond the boundaries of good taste. Star Chandler makes a great "bitch," and Alexis and Summer perform with equal skill and passion. Unfortunately, the video does have two flaws: the soundtrack is quite low in spots, and some scenes run a little long. As it is, it's very good."