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CAST: Allison Brach (Aka Greta Carlson, Precious Pink),Betsy Demont,Tara Noir,Whitney Prescott


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Plenty of skirts-in-bondage! Excellent casting with cute Whitney Prescott, intelligent Betsy Demont, schemer Allison Brach & cool Tara Noir. Custom background music adds a serious tone to the bondage scenes. 3 hogties, 2 handcuff bondages, 2 scenes where captives tries to reach phone. Barefoot & high-heel positions. Classic heroine-style bondage story directed by Eric Holman. This re-release includes bonus highlights from the 1980s "Clothed & Heeled" (CHC-1) compilation. Aged visual quality: varied audio with voiceovers, music, silent & ambient sound. Sexy brunette bound on screen by secretary, roped-on shoes, 2 scenes of gal being tied by anonymos man. This double-feature tape totals 70 mins