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CAST: Devin Demoore

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Exotic Devin DeMoore is dragged kicking and screaming into Bryan's lair She struggles, but soon she's bound in a wide variety of positions. For each scene Bryan strips away another piece of her clothing, until she's left with only her high heels. She puts up a fight, but eventually she resigns herself to the situation. In fact, as soon as she's left alone she starts going through Bryan's equipment bag. Inside she finds lots of leather straps and cuffs?and a vibrator, which she immediately plugs in and amuses herself with. Bryan can't have her enjoying herself, so he drags her into another room and covers her face with a big leather mask-gag. When Bryan finally tells her to get dressed and get out, she ties the vibrator against her own crotch and cuffs herself to the frame so she can enjoy herself for as long as she likes!