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CAST: Chloe Dietrich,Darla Crane,Lorelei (Aka Kristine Imboch)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This fun bondage story stars Darla Crane, Chloe Dietrich and Lorelei!
Dominique Divine (Darla) is a villainess with a problem: she can't keep eager-beaver Special Agent Jenny James (Chloe) out of her hair, so she devises a plan to humiliate her foe into early retirement. Slipping Jenny a false lead on a museum robbery, Darla soon has her prey bound and topless -- after cutting open her blouse, snipping off her bra and gagging her with it! Cub reporter Kelly Campbell (Lorelei), who got the same bogus tip, soon shows up and starts snapping photos of poor, helpless Jenny for the front page of the newspaper.
Well, Jenny is indeed embarrassed, but this only strengthens her resolve to capture the wicked Ms. Divine.
As the story unfolds, both Jenny and Kelly are captured, tied up, stripped down and tormented by ruthless Dominique and her dimwit henchman...but crafty Kelly has a few tricks op her sleeve and we get a real surprise ending! (As in, Dominique Divine gets tied up a few times, too!)
The program concludes with some very sexy solo vignettes of Darla!