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CAST: Madison, Mya Mckay, Smokie Flame, Sophia

DIRECTOR: Richard Fitzwell

RELEASE DATE: 8/1/2016

Domestic Disturbance chronicles the abduction of several beautiful young women by a masked villain roaming the streets of a small town in search of his innocent and unsuspecting prey. The first unlucky catch is kidnapped and tied into the back of a van as her captor drives her to an undisclosed location. Once there, he pulls into the garage, the door slides shut and he doses her with rag full of chloro to knock her out. Once unconscious, he carries her limp, naked and gagged into an empty walk-in closet, where she is cuffed and left helpless and terrified with a spreader bar leaving her pussy open and vulnerable. She screams, struggles and moans for help, but no one can hear her. Except maybe the other girls who’ve already been kidnapped and trussed up. Down the hall in another room, the devious captor has two other girls bound and screaming for release. One of them gets the rag so she’ll quiet down and be easier to move. She gets mercilessly thrown onto the bed and tied down spread eagle. As the other girl watches in horror she is tortured and manhandled by her abductor. He even gets in a little tickling just for laughs! But is he playing or deadly serious? He moves onto another room and another girl gagged and bound in spider web bondage. He cuts her clothes off piece by piece, tormenting her with his razor sharp scissors as he goes. He leaves her scared, shaking and tit bound to consider her predicament and moves on to yet another room. This time he gives one of his captives a hot waxing she’ll never forget. She genuinely feels the pain of each drop of searing wax on her naked tits and torso. But all her screaming, struggling and pouting just seem to spur the deviant on more. Every room of the house seems to contain another captured damsel in distress. One girl struggles on the hood of a car in the garage, while another writhes helplessly on the living room sofa. Will anyone save them? Can anyone hear their screams? Does anyone even know their missing?