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CAST: Kelly O`Dell,Randi Storm

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

There's a special delivery on Jay's front porch. Opening the packing slip, he finds that the large black case is a "Chain Package". The instructions tell him to "use" the contents of the box, then re-pack it and send it along to the next name on the list. Well, whoever put Jay's name on this "chain" list certainly knew what they were doing, because when he opens the box he finds beautiful Randi Storm inside, all done up in a leather body harness and ballgag! Wasting no time, Jay binds Randi on the bed, where she receives a thorough flogging on her vulnerable ass. Next she's in for a tight hogtie, and a lotus position with her arms strictly hammered in back. Her lips quiver eagerly as he fills her mouth with a ball-under-leather gag. Now Randi's in an ultra-tight hogtie variation, with crossed ankles, and a black ballgag. Enter Jay, who places small black clamps on her nipples, then covers them with squares of white tape. These clamps pinch, as we can see by her reaction to them! For her next scene Randi's bound to a post. Jay hooks a line to her crotchrope and hoists her hips upward, causing her to moan. In her final bondage with her "chain master", Randi's standing. Her arms are bound to a long bar, which is, in turn, attached to a short bar drawn up between her thighs. Each twitch of her arms pulls the short bar up hard against her most delicate flesh, and Jay applies a flogger-style whip to her breasts and belly, making it impossible for her to hold still ! The second portion of this tape features XXX star Kelly O'Dell post-tied, then standing with her legs spread and a breast press on her swollen tits. Jay slowly tightens down the press and adds nipple pinchers. Still sporting the press, but now sitting on a swiveling disk, Kelly's wrists are over her head. When Jay hauls upwards on her wrists she is forced to balance on her knees, as he has strapped her ankles tightly to her thighs!