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CAST: Chanta Rose,Cory Lane,Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Don't Tie Us Up!" 60 Minutes For my first Harmony-licious gallery tape in many a moon, I bound up a great number of Harmony favorites in a salacious selection of situations! Their positions will delight you, their restrained bodies will captivate you, their gagged faces will enthrall you, and ultimately, this DVD (and video) will thoroughly please you! The predicament predicated pairs include:CHANTA ROSE and CORY LANE in a playful panties only cuff sequence; MOLLY MATTHEWS and COURTNEY CHAMBERS strappadoe'd side-by-side; and MARY JANE and KELLY MOON pantied, topless and barefoot while chair taped back-to-back. The individual ingénue installments include:BROOK TAYLOR topless and tied on a futon; TOMMI ROSE panties only and chair tied; LIZ TYLER chair tied wearing a pretty corset, stockings and heels; MARY JANE also chair tied (wearing a cute outfit, pantyhose, heels); and ANNA MILLS in a T-post tie, wearing thigh highs and panties. I know you'll enjoy these wonderful, bondageful damsels of summer! Directed by Oak O'Kork