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CAST: Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Summer is being held in a block-wall room in only her pink bra, panties and heels. She is tied, gagged and alone...but not for long. Soon, her abductor enters and starts pawing at her. "Don't touch me, you freak!" she hisses, to absolutely no avail. "Someone will find me soon!" But it looks like Summer is here to stay, as she is roped into one overly-tight predicament after another. An arabesque tie is first, showing off the busty beauty's extreme flexibility, then it's a partial suspension that leaves her ass dangling for a spanking. A balltie becomes much worse when she tips over: she can't right herself so she must just whimper there, her poor shoulder grinding against the hard floor. Tied standing, then lying on her back, Summer's incredible body is made quite vulnerable to her attacker's advances by a bar roped behind her arms!A partially-suspended hogtie stresses Summer's arms, shoulders and wrists in a most grievous way, then a fold tie has her all doubled in half. Her last position, however, has her very excited...probably due to the big knot in her crotchrope! So why is this "prisoner" suddenly so turned on, anyway?