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CAST: Dorothy Laine


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This video features sprightly Dorothy Laine in a collection of scenes designed especially for lovers of sweet bare feet!Dorothy's attire ranges from silky lingerie to cute streetwear. As we open we see Dorothy slip her feet into a bowl of sudsy water. After a bit of luxurious soaking and splashing, she dries her damp soles and massages them with lotion. Next we find her in a sexy satin teddy for two different positions on the bed - one face-up, and one face-down - then a fold-position in purple lace tests her flexibility. In this scene she starts out in fluffy high heels, then kicks them off to leave her pretty pink peds completely bare. A fully nude chair-tie places her bare toes right out in front, and finally, a hogtie has Dorothy rolling about on the floor. Everyone loves Dorothy's sweet feet, and this video really shows them off!