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CAST: Darla Crane,Dorothy Laine


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Darla Crane casts Dorothy Laine in her very first bondage video ever!
When Darla first met adorable Dorothy (through her long-time partner Tim Woodman) she had a feeling that the lithe, long-legged brunette would be a hit...and boy, was she right! That's right, Darla was the first person ever to cast Dorothy in a bondage movie, with stunning results; Dorothy went on to become a staple in the Los Angeles fetish scene, not to mention becoming a world-famous bondage and fetish model!
In this lighthearted tale, Dorothy plays Darla's devoted bondage pet for and entire day. We watch as she wakes up after spending the night bound at the foot of Darla's bed. She obediently offers herself to her Mistress, giving up control entirely. She practically purs as darla brushe out her long, honey-colored hair!
Throughout the day, Dorothy is dressed and bound at Darla's whim, writhing in enjoyment. (Dorothy truly LOVES being bound!)
What better way to end Dorothy's day of restriction than with the most restrictive position of all: an upside-down ankle suspension! (Wow, look at her flex those abs!) Both girls wear sexy, shiny fetish attire for this jaw-dropping scene.
Now that Dorothy's day has ended, Darla's night begins and we are treated to four scenes of the buxom redhead tied up this way and that. She's a bound ballerina "en pointe" in French-pink satin toe shoes for two scenes, and then it's a duo of super-sexual sofa ties that will leave you panting almost as hard as Darla herself! Yummy!