Double Damsels & Tied, Gagged & Teased

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CAST: Brandi Lessur,Cassandra Knight,Jewell Marceau,Kelly Ashton


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

DOUBLE DAMSELS .... Awesome beauty Kelly Ashton and equally lovely Brandi Lessur share a series of bondages in this two-ladies, double-tie video. In an office scenario, Kelly and Brandi share side-by-side chair ties -- then in a surprising turn of events, Kelly gets free and instead of freeing her friend she uses the ropes she was tied with to further secure poor Brandi! Both ladies manage to lose their clothing and are tied again, this time sharing only one chair and neither of them gets free. Following their office perils, the action is moved outdoors onto the Harmony backlot and these two positively delightful bondagettes continue their double-tie bondage adventures.Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer