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CAST: Ashley Renee,Darla Crane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bondage supermodels Ashley Renee and Darla Crane show off their comedic talents...and MORE!
In only their second ever appearance together, Ashley and Darla get to flex their "comedy muscles" in this wacky slapstick feature. Darla plays Dr. Eva True and Ashley is her assistant Carroll.
A nasty numbskull by the name of Dr. Evil (yes, this was waaaaayyyy before a certain mainstream movie character of the same name appeared) wants to take over the world with his brain wave controller, so he and his assistant kidnap Dr. True and Carroll to steal their research information.
Much bondage and goofy tomfoolery ensues, with both of our buxom heroines tied up again and again.
This awesome video outsold all others when it first came out. Like bondage, big boobs and giggles galore? This is the flick for you!