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CAST: C.J. Taylor,Francesca Lé,Jewell Marceau,Stacy Burke


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Dressing Room Domination"When busty, tanned beauty Francesca finds a pretty white corset that would be perfect for the evening of Love Bondage she has planned with her boyfriend, she can't wait to get into the dressing room to try it on. Her buddy C.J. helps her lace on the corset...and then later helps Francesca into a perfectly impossible predicament. It all happens when Francesca wants to see how her new leather bondage mittens look with the sweet lacy corset. She manages to get one on by herself, but has to ask C.J. to help her with the other. That's when C.J. gets her delightful, if a bit devious, idea. Once Francesca is in the leather bondage mitten restraints she is unable to prevent C.J. from carrying out her playful plan. Francesca spends most of the running time of this video in bondage as her restraint is expanded upon, one rope-length at a time, until she's finally fully and completely hogtied on the floor of the dressing room-- gagged with panties and a couple of layers of silk scarves!Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer"He Liked Tying Me Best" Two estranged friends, blonde cutie Stacy Burke and sultry brunette Jewell Marceau, decide to let bygones be bygones, but find that their jealousy over having dated the same guy is too much to reconcile. It all starts when Jewell holds out that Greg liked her spaghetti best and Stacy tries to top that with her contention that Greg always liked tying her better. Jewell can't let that one by and so the challenge -- who can take the tightest bondage for the longest time -- ensues. As each bondagette is tied, the other lingers to tease and taunt while her erstwhile friend struggles to get free. Stacy is hogtied and has to say "Uncle" (through her gag!) before Jewell will let her go. Jewell doesn't like that game so much though, once it's her turn to say concede defeat. Then Stacy gets out of her next tie, after lots of ernest effort, but before Jewell can get out of hers they are discovered by Greg himself who then proves that he likes tying them both just fine -- and it's even better when they're tied together!Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer