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CAST: Francesca Lé

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan Davis pulled out all the stops for this production! Shot in a Los Angeles B&D dungeon and featuring lots of action, it has all the makings of a classic. As Bryan subdues his feisty captive, every detail--including hot close-ups--is recorded adeptly by camera-operator/expert-voyeur Simone. Francesca is carried in over Bryan's shoulder into a huge room, and we get a great look at all the dungeon equipment that will torment her later. Francesca freaks out, crying "no, no!" as she tries to run away. Grabbing, struggling, on-screen tying and desperate resistance record her inexorable plunge into total captivity. Francesca's shoved into a cage for lots of manhandling and tit-grabbing as she cowers and whimpers. Then she's dragged around by a rope leash as her sexy long legs strain and kick. Bryan drags her panties off, crops Francesca's butt just for fun, then cranks her arms up high into suspension, bit by bit as her body stretches taut, until her toes lose ground completely. There she is in all her gorgeous exposed barefoot nudity, dangling helplessly for all to see! After this ordeal, Francesca's put back in the cage, naked and gagged. Great close-ups caress her bare flesh within the shining steel. An exciting escape attempt shows her running naked and wrist-cuffed through the scary dungeon rooms; she's caught and dragged, moaning, back to the chamber of horrors. On the bondage throne, Bryan ropes Francesca's thighs wide upon to show off a tight crotchrope, and squeezes her tits to his heart's content. The upright cage scene isn't shown here; it's highly erotic. Francesca stands nude and barefoot, muffled with a panel ballgag, hands stretched overhead in leather wrist-cuffs... as Bryan taunts her cruelly through the bars. Great angles record her squirms and struggles. Francesca is made totally helpless in a horizontal strap suspension; she can't even move her head an inch. There are excellent close-ups and angles for this scene; the cameraman is a genius! If you're into complete immobility, this scene will keep you up!