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CAST: Jennifer Brooks,Marita

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

First, you have a front-row-center seat for the enticing bondage education of sexy Latina beauty Marita, then you'll watch is awe as seasoned bondage pro Jennifer Brooks takes on the Master.
Both of these women are breathtakingly beautiful and both are subjected to incredibly stringent, limit-pushing bondage. All in all, there are eight scenes of of non-stop action.
Squirming and complaining, begging for more, squealing for relief, our helpless heroines are clad in a variety of sexy lingerie and fetish attire, with such accessories as high heels and nipple clamps. Jay sometimes joins in the action, tying onscreen and letting his wicked hands roam over the models' bodies.
If their mouths weren't filled to capacity, these ladies might tell you that this is some of the most clever and confining bondage ever endured in a video production!