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CAST: Elise Di Medici (Aka Desi Deangelo),Jessica Eden,Sass Lyn,Stephanie Anderson


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This is a two-movie video featuring ENTHRALL (OK-3) and KNOT AGENTS (OK-4).
Elise di Medici suspects her friend Jessica Eden of being a secret bondage fanatic. Is Jessica hiding something? Or is Elise the real bondage expert? The two buxom babes take turns at tying each other up, with the occasional taunt or three. They alternately enjoy and despise their various rope bondage predicaments, with a plastic wrap mummification for Jessica to tie things up! Directed by Oak O'Kork. 60 minutes.
The blonde and buxom Sass Lynn is a rookie Knot Agent assigned to infiltrate the house of someone named 'Stef.' She contacts the hapless and equally buxom Stephanie Anderson, who is unaware of the tie-ups awaiting her. Soon, Sass has commandeered Stephanie's abode, believing that her hostess is a Knot Agent and in on her practice assignment. Cleave-gags and rope bondage abound as the misunderstanding escalates and Stephanie tries her best to escape! Finally, Sass fails in her assignment, resulting for both in a tape-gagged, taped up predicament, left to struggle futilely! Directed by Oak O'Kork. 45 minutes.