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CAST: Angelique Lei,Eve Ellis,Ruby Bordeaux,Sabrina Stone,Sadie Belle,Samantha Scott,Tyler Scot


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"ESCAPE!" 75 Minutes starring in alphabetical order: Sadie Belle, Ruby Bordeaux, Eve Ellis, Angelique Lei, Andrea Neal, Tyler Scot, Samantha Scott, Sabrina Stone The fourth over-the-top outing of Oak's Outrageous series features escape -- in each segment beautiful bondagettes desperately try to get free of their restraints and gags. In "The Waiting Room," Eve Ellis reads a magazine until a screw-loosed Sadie Belle ties (and handcuffs her to a bench), gags and taunts her on-screen! Next, the perfect damsel-in-distress-next-door Andrea Neal struggles to reach a phone and open a locked door while tightly bound and stuff-gagged! Then panty-clad Sabrina Stone tries to get away from her tormentor (Ikaras) who handcuffs, shackles and gags her on-screen! Another villain threatens the lovely duo of Sadie Belle and Samantha Scott with an explosive demise, while they're struggling to escape! Tyler Scot is challenged to escape a plastic wrap and duct tape mummification--while pump-gagged! Eve Ellis wakes up in her bed haplessly b&g'd--struggling to hop to the door for a chance at freedom! Sexy secretary Angelique Lei is left b&g'd by a burglar in the office! Dressed in corset, panties and hose, Ruby Bordeaux attempts to reach a phone and rescue from her bonds! Some manage to escape (shown on-screen), others don't - you'll have to get this exceptional video to find out! ("my favorite situations combined with some of my favorite bondages!" ? Oak)Directed by Oak O'Kork.